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Your liver is one of the hardest working organs in your digestive system, performing over 500 essential functions to keep your body healthy. There are many types of liver disease, and when left untreated, liver disease may affect these vital functions and lead to serious life-threatening health complications. Gastroenterology specialist Anne Thai, MD, in Burlingame, California, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease. With a patient-centered approach to care, Dr. Thai works closely with you to improve liver health and prevent long-term health complications. To schedule an evaluation, contact the office by phone or through the online booking tool today.

Liver Disease Q & A

What are the types of liver disease?

Liver disease may develop from many causes, including genetics, viral infections, or alcohol abuse. Common types of liver disease include:

Viral hepatitis

Viral hepatitis refers to viral infections that lead to inflammation of your liver. There are several known viruses that cause viral hepatitis, and some are more serious than others. Hepatitis B and C, for example, may cause chronic hepatitis that leads to permanent liver damage and even liver failure. 

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

NAFLD is a type of liver disease characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver cells that leads to inflammation and swelling.

NAFLD is the most common type of chronic liver disease in the United States. You may be at risk of developing NAFLD if you have high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, you’re obese, or you have metabolic syndrome. 

Alcoholic hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis refers to liver inflammation from heavy alcohol consumption. It usually affects people who have ingested a lot of alcohol for many years.

Autoimmune Hepatitis

This form of hepatitis occurs when the immune system begins attacking the liver. This autoimmune response leads to inflammation and painful symptoms.

What are the symptoms of liver disease?

Symptoms vary depending on the type of liver disease. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Abdominal swelling
  • Leg or ankle edema
  • Yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice)
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Pale stool
  • Fatigue
  • Poor appetite
  • Flu like symptoms, feeling run down
  • Confusion, changes in sleep pattern

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for an evaluation. If liver disease is suspected, Dr. Thai can help. 

What happens during a liver disease evaluation?

Dr. Thai takes a patient-centered, whole-body approach to care and conducts a comprehensive evaluation when you come to the office with symptoms of liver disease. During your visit, she asks about your symptoms and your medical and family history, and she performs a physical exam.

To assess liver health and determine the underlying cause of your liver disease, Dr. Thai may request various tests such as:

  • Blood tests
  • An ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan
  • A liver biopsy

Dr. Thai uses the information gathered during your evaluation to diagnose your condition and develop your treatment plan. 

How is liver disease treated?

Treatment for liver disease may depend on the underlying cause. Dr. Thai develops individualized treatment plans that address your specific health needs. 

Treatment for liver disease may include:

  • Diet modification
  • Weight loss
  • Abstinence from alcohol
  • Disease-specific medication

If your liver is severely scarred (fibrosis or cirrhosis) or if your liver is failing, you may need a liver transplant.

To schedule a consultation with a compassionate gastroenterologist to discuss your liver disease treatment options, contact the office of Anne Thai, MD, by phone or through the online booking tool today. 


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